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Anonymous: "Major girl crush on you <3 no regrets"

Oooo ;)

today&#8217;s lunch: organic chicken, broccoli, &amp; ezekiel 4:9 bread
Pan seared filet mignon.
3 grams of fat &amp; 26 grams of protein
nice day to be out &amp; about 🌞🌻
Breakfast: one whole red bell pepper, one whole egg and two more egg whites. #iloveveggies
hydration is the key to success 🐬
typical dinner: range free organic white meat chicken, organic spinach, organic broccoli, &amp; bb bella shrooms. 
cooked with smart balance spray, minced garlic, pepper, &amp; a tiny bit of salt

i love cooking fresh &amp; healthy meals bc this isn&#8217;t a diet it&#8217;s a lifestyle yo 💚
we will forever be faded on the gold skies ~
💖 #questbars